Pour It Forward

How Does It Work?

Pay It Forward has grown from one large chalkboard to five- listing unique descriptions of our community of guests, friends, family and loyal patrons.

Pour It Forward is the same concept as Pay It Forward. Customers pay $10 to contribute to the list as they "put one up, and take one down."

When you visit The Vintage Cellar, it's interesting to know that a stranger out there wanted you to have a glass of wine.




chalk board
pour it down

Welcome to Our Family

We consider each and every person that walks through our doors family: consistent with old-fashioned Texas hospitality, we want everyone to feel like they've walked into the familiar and cozy kitchen in a close friend's home. Our other core value is to embrace, support, and promote local vendors and their products: the items we sell are made with care and love, so we aim to perpetuate that personal touch that goes into each bottle of Texas wine or olive oil, into each slice of artisan meat or cheese, and into each loaf of bread in our daily operations. When you come to The Vintage Cellar, you've come home.


Contact Us

If you're ready to come in for a tasting, plan for a special event, or what to learn more about the products we carry in store, contact us! You can either call us at 830-304-0059, email us at info@thevintage-cellar.com, or fill out the online form on the Contact Page. We look forward to hearing from you!



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